Dear readers,
the comic Deus Ex Magica will probably never be finished in its current form. I AM however writing it out in a novel form. I will try to update this page regularly with the newest finished chapters. These are totally work in progress (WIP) and may change / be rewritten at any time.
If you want to leave me a message, you can write to rhellik @ gmail.com.

Updated 11/04/2018

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--- And thus I return --- Thursday, Jan-22-2009

This is not an illusion. No trick of mind. There's actually a new page up. Yay! After all the stress with studies and everyday life I got things back together again and decided it's time to draw some more! I'll do a little bit every morning, then I'll be sure to update Magica more often. :)

I feel I should be working on the second special download edition as well, but I'd rather draw more story comics now then delay it again. I hope there are still some loyal readers amongst you ^^; It's been a looong time. Thank you all for staying. :D

--- I'm not dead yet! --- Sunday, Dec-11-2005

Yes, there's a new page. Deus Ex Magica is not dead and will never die.

I apologize again for the missing updates. I'm kept pretty busy with my studies so I can hardly find the time to draw anymore. After a few more pages I will be working on the second special download edition. Sadly I won't be able to make it a Christmas present for you all. But still it's something so look forward to.

--- Late Updates --- Friday, Aug-12-2005

I'm sorry about the sporadic updates I've had these last weeks. To make it even worse I'll be gone for 10 days starting today. :( We're going on a little tour with our band in the northern alps.

Well, I hope I can make it up to you when I come back.

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